The Haute Pursuit: The One Woman Who Gets “IT”!

Advertising is shit until done right. Well a lot of people effortlessly get it wrong and it’s all off the miseducation of the business sphere. Selling garbage to garbage men with the promise of financial freedom but advertising is one of the marketing strategies that come with an invoice, well, with the last line that goes something like… “if you want to see “results”..”

But the alternative forgone to me is in fact more useful than “Advertising” itself. 

I’ll explain.

As far back as the 20’s branding was more about easy-identification of farm animals by etching on their skins recognizable alphabets or signs with hot metals …which is still  the underlying practice in today’s business world (well without the hot iron lol) because the lifeline of a business is predetermined by the effort put into BRANDING.

So when I say “Advertisement is shit until done right”,  my point is this….

  There are several levels of Advertising.

Sending an email is free, creating a Facebook page is free, Twitter outreach is free, cold-calling is free, publicity is free, referrals are free, yet all of these are levels of advertising that do not require an invoice.
Stay with me….

The reason why businesses, small or large spend more on advertisements rises & falls on POOR BRANDING. You figure out eventually that you are invariably paying for the “repackaging” of your business to fit into the SAME market structure it has long existed in. 

When it’s not like they are chasing you from your village.

To me that’s just hustling backwards.

 A business at its primary stage must be more concerned with branding. The biggest advertisement your business can ever have depends on the synergy between your brand & daily living… 

I was talking with my Mum today, (lol actually we were stalking @thehautepursuit on Instagram, mum’s idea ) when she called my attention to the subtle adverts going on in nearly all THP’s (the haute pursuits) fucking photograph!

Truth is, she had amassed an amazing followership on several social media platforms and was registering her brand subtly in the minds of her 492k followers…

So I put this together…. 

The cheat codes to successful advertising.

1. Don’t force it on people, your mixtapes inclusive.

2. Know what your brand ISN’T

4. Educate people about your brand by using your brand to appeal to their 5 senses

5. Find yourself, then FALL IN LOVE with what you find because competition is for those who are in the same line of business and are resting on the same level of information & exposure but the originality that comes from finding yourself and loving what you find is capable of altering the DNA of businesses that are alike.

Younammmmsaying??? 😂🤘🏼

6. You are your brand. From the way you wear your hair, to the way you speak, people who are looking for similar grounds are searching to connect with you, not necessarily on a business level but because of the common grounds we all search for in people, in things and in ourselves… Advertisement is merely what happens along the way BUT it is also in the best interest of your growing business to make the entire process as organic & as seamless as possible…
7. Update yourself! Speaking of updating.. This (#7th tip) is a more recent inclusion…Well, In the business world this easily would be categorized  under “Rebranding/Packaging” but more personally, this involves what you put inside you. The places you source for information, the age-long habits that you need to let go of, brokering relationships that will ensure continuity.. Expanding your opportunities by expanding what you know, traveling. (That one isn’t even optional o!)

These are business goals my dear! 

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