Selfies Before We Party!!!!

So it’s Christmas Eve & the most interesting part of it is this β€” I’ve had at least 2 nipple slips & 2 outfit changes and I haven’t even left the house yet!!!! Ahhhhh!! tonight is going to be wavvvvvvvvvvvvy af! I know it! πŸ’₯ 




Truth is never mild, it will be offensive to conventions and traditions, the “religious” will cringe in disgust and fight it all because we are unconsciously taught to love ourselves in FRACTIONS, in tiny bits, safely , covered in clothes showing only what is moderately acceptable. But I don’t feel like conforming today. Rebellious, because freedom & peace is ALL we truly search for… & daily I’m a step closer to experiencing all of it so while I may not care that you could judge me wrongly, do not also be offended that I do not fucking care how I make you feel.

                                                   β€” Vyne






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