The Four Walls Of Education is Already A Flaw.


” I want you to get mad & uncomfortable but more importantly, I want you to question everything you were taught until you can stand under the light of your own discovery. Education & School are ultimately kissing cousins. The process has been wrong from the jump. The “Four walls of education” is already a flaw. The fluidity of education must never be confined to a learning space, a uniform, or an academic scheme of work. Looking back, I only sat through classes for my teachers to have an audience. So it’s  hilarious, almost even a show of deep ignorance that you would rate how much an individual knows by his ability to remember, recite & regurgitate. If I was forced to listen, why should I be scored for how much I remember?”

                         — Vyne

My trust issues extend along the fear of linear reasoning & an inbred inability to accept things just because I was taught how “right” an idea it is. . . The term “School” for one, in comparison to what “Education” really means… (the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally preparing oneself or others intellectually for a mature life.) seems a bloody joke to me.

The right show of mordern parenting would include enrolling your child in a great school.. Yes? No? But I can’t say this with a straight face [😂😂], under the guise of the ever accommodating term “family planning”, a lot of parents are simply just running from paying like 1.4 Million in Tuition, sometimes biannually!!!!! so it’s just half a nickel tour round common sense that you tie your womb after 2—to—3 children because quite frankly, the Economy is bad, dollar goes up and the price of unriped chips escalates (& i just have to take it like a man because this is Nigeria & we exist under an unquestionable cloud of  “wonders shall never end”. Oh! & heaven forbid you birth 12 armedrobbers in-waiting lest your salary fails & they morph seamlessly into their alternative destiny. Something like….. (“Your money or your life”) 😂😩 
                               — BUT
Can you fucking imagine that the “first world countries” put together, DO NOT even constitute up to half of the world’s total population yet are controlling well OVER 75% of the worlds total resources. These are people who own the media & the brains behind the media, our “go—to” when it comes down to the authentication of our LOCAL NEWS, people who dictate the pace at which OUR technology advances, people who aren’t necessarily half as innovative as we are, yet rate us some place between underdeveloped nations & pond scum…. while drilling the FUCK OUT OF the intellectual capacity of  Nigerians in diaspora & simultaneously ripping us off at the slightest chance. 

Isn’t it just funny how there are few blacks flourishing off “equal” chances of coexisting with the white man in his own engineered business space. They fucking see potential, they recognize how artistically ahead of time the mind of a black man is… FUCK YES! they know that there’s a level of self realization that is required for us to see ourselves for how good we are…. DEEP CHUNKS OF RAW ASS TRUTHS THAT WE ARE AFRAID TO TELL OURSELVES.

 See, No shade here, but I’m willing to plant a tree if need be. Africans, Nigerians especially constitute well over 60% of the world’s creative sphere but the divide that causes THIS  “see finish” is how readily we advocate for “Schools” instead of “Education” the nonsense system of ideas and ideals we adopt that start and end in building some more gotttttdammmn churches and schools. 


The “four—walls” of institutional systems is the shit we suffer from. The fluidity of Education can never be confined to an academic scheme of work, but you could try & come to several ruins. I’ve seen geniuses down in the mouth because of a “3rd Class” from storyman institutions & that concludes that they are idiots? Charming! 

The reorientation has to come from the smallest unit of socialization. The family. In my very personal opinion, I don’t see why a child should be forced to go to school just learn maths and English in different forms. The economy & your pockets are suffering at the expense of exposing your child to carefully selected pieces of information & mentors that will help them make informed decisions in the career path they choose. 

The very moment a child starts showing interest in a particular field it is your duty to start fine tuning his/her vocabulary with registers for that field because, truth is we are ALL winging this shit & calling it destiny… You wait until a child gets to Jss3 before you think he is mature enough to decide for himself “Science” or “Arts“… Swear that’s why we have too many clogged career fields and too few people actually succeeding…

School is bullshit after a child has mentally reached the capacity to read, speak & write. If a child can independently read and write what you owe that child from that point on, is *****EDUCATION*****meaningful Education…. Bear in mind that Education has no specific pattern. It isn’t confined to classrooms, uniforms, and several social conditions that go without supervision that can fuck your child up, Education occurs where the willingness to learn is present. It doesn’t ruin a child’s outlook on life by limiting him/her to a certificate, the money you spend forcing a child who has NO INTEREST in conforming his “genius nature” to the four walls of a classroom, you could actually use it in incorporating entrepreneurial skills & setting them up at an early age for an 80% probability of succeeding.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not even about the money you spend on tuition alone. It’s more about how unbelievably long the system believes it should take an individual to discover what is good for him or how he/she must willfully endure and sit through the painful process of passing through schools only to get done with “recommendations & honors” with two shots at succeeding.. One, to either confine your “genius level talent” and work for someone, Or realize what you studied had no qualitative impact and start chasing life from the top at twenty–something.



  1. I totally love this. Tbh. I’ve always felt the same way even though it isn’t 100%…

    I look at myself sometimes and wonder if education(Nursery, primary, secondary and University) really is the way forward and the best way to test one’s ability. Looking at so many people in history, a lot that actually made a name for themselves, realised on time that being confined to the walls of a school didn’t bring out the best in them. But this goes without saying that being confined to those 4walls did bring out the best in some people. But like we all know now, the way forward for some isn’t the way forward for all… Well, we stuck to this life right now, and we have to make the best of it “owo o gbodo jona”.

    Btw! The nigerian educational system is bullshit. Same syllabus that we were taught years back, is the same thing being taught now, nothing’s changed. Yet they expect us to know all the things that they aren’t teaching just like that. Smh.


    • I agree with a lot of the things you’ve mentioned. It makes me so mad that a lot of parents mean well but go about it the wrong way but whenever one realizes things for himself that actually is the beginning of his/her life… Hopefully things take on a different look in the coming years (although the chances of anything changing is razor thin) but I’m impressed that a lot of people are not conforming to the outdated belief that “going to school” is the only way.

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