Marina Resort — Tale of Phobias in A New City.

 The only time “Feline” had no spoken relation to my lower half, was the idea of ‘VYNE’ being conveyed across sea points in anything less reliable than the hand of GOD himself. So if after much convincing, I decide to “TRY” it and I ask “How Safe Is This?” I expect that you run me through a thousand age long, tried and tested list of safety measures and not choose to make light of my sea phobia by saying “Fine girl all of us here kennor let you drown“..

I am terrified of water. Deep or shallow, turbulent or still so if this is the day I die, please play FKA Twigs back to back, tell Nipsey Hussle , Yo Trane, Amir Obe that I was a die hard fan, throw my phones into the deep blue sea, tell Amina Blue she’s still the baddest to have done it, tell the two doctors of the reality tv show “Botched” that I was saving up for a “B” cup.

It’s 10:26AM

Ok. Ok. False alarm.. I’m OK!


I’ll run you through my experience before I went on the ride, (which was super safe & fun by the way)….. 

I had walked in from where the car was parked and felt the downer of people who I assume have been here a couple of times for it to feel remotely pleasurable.. & there I was, feigning composure (rule of thumb, never look lost)… Well thankfully My guardian angel for the day was either bored stiff or in a good mood because shortly, this man walks up to me taking pity at my confusion. He introduces himself as Mr Edem; (My hunch would be that he was in his late 40’s) and volunteers to help me, refuses a tip even, and goes on to tell me more about this beautiful place.

The Marina Resort in Calabar according to Mr Edem, is situated on a historical site popularly known as the Water Mouth of Calabar.. he also told me about the old Slave Trade site which was just pretty close to the resort where 30% of the slaves that left at the time were deported. So darlings, apparently it was a pretty big deal for me to be here. *swoons*

It became obvious to me while touring the soothing environs that Marina Resort is not only widely recognized and preserved as a historical site, it also is a recreation center for locals & foreigners alike. We visited the slave history museum & eventually the boat ride which was pretty much 34mins between deep thoughts, anxiety attacks & meaningful stares of all the ways I could’ve spent my 20’s should the boat turn & we all drown. 

Here are a few pictures 🙈💙💙


Nearby cities: Uyo, Malabo, Port Harcourt

Coordinates: 4°57’55″N 8°19’4″E


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