Gyptian Just Brought A Grenade To A Sword Fight!

Dear Universe, 

I just wanna say thank you to the female responsible for this record! I mean, I’ve listened to Gyptian a lot over the years and never for ONCE did I picture him out in the rain long enough to get this moist and expressive in any song!

I am blown away!

The vibe is absolutely unique, with a modest yet powerful progression throughout and mentally, We riding with the top down, the wind blowing stray strands of hair to my face, Gyptian speeding through the night, all five  fingers on his right hand interlocked with mine, Bass line thumping so hard against my ovaries & I feel super entitled for a one-way ticket into forever land with him.

See darlings, not everyday “tough guy” mehhnnnnn!! Sometimes moist guy! Uknowwammsayin? 😩💕

Check it out

 Gyptian — With Me


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